Tropical Butter Solid Shampoo Bar Recipe

Introducing our NEW Shampoo Bar Mould, and our delicious Tropical Butter Solid Shampoo Bar Recipe to get you started!  Ditch the plastic shampoo bottle and lather up with eco-friendly, sustainable shampoo and conditioner bars! Our Shampoo Bar Mould makes a bar that looks like it has been machine pressed, but is quick and easy to do by hand – the perfect tool for DIY makers.  

Simple and Effective

The mould is comprised of three pieces, a cylindrical section, a base, and a ‘lid disc’ that is used to compress the bar.  The single Shampoo Bar Mould is made of rigid nylon, which makes for easy un-moulding.  These moulds will continue to produce beautifully shaped solid shampoo, conditioner and Bath Bomb projects, time and time again!

Tropical Butter DIY Shampoo Bar

This Shampoo Bar recipe has been formulated for our new Shampoo Bar Mould.  It yields one, malleable bar of approximately 85g.  Solid Shampoo Bars are not only sustainable, eco and use no plastic, they also last for ages!

Phase A
38g SCS Needles
24g SLSA Powder
10g Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Phase B
5g Mango Butter
3g Kokum Butter
4g Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol

Phase C
1g dL Panthenol (Pro-vitamin B5)

Phase D

q.s. Fragrance or Essential Oils



500g and small microwave safe jugs (or Bain Marie)
Digital Scales
Firm, small spatula or stirring spoon
Disposable gloves



In a 500g microwave safe jug or a Bain Marie set up, combine Phase A ingredients. Melt slowly and carefully (if using microwave, in increments of 30 seconds) until mixture begins to melt together. It will still be quite dry looking.

Place Phase B ingredients into a heatproof beaker or small microwave safe jug. Melt until completely liquid, but do not overheat.

Measure out phases C and D, or have them ready to add.

Now it’s time to combine the Phases.

Add Phase C, the dL Panthenol, into Phase A, the surfactants. Mix well – it is a stiff mixture.

Next, add Phase B, the butters, into Phase A jug too. Mix this without delay and the mixture comes together.

Now add Phase D, the Genadvance and preferred scent, and mix well. The mixture combines nicely forming a dough-like texture. It holds together but still requires a little ‘kneading’ or forming.

Wearing gloves, scrape the entire mixture into one hand and form the mixture into a patty shape. Continue this for a minute or two to ensure it is well formed and holding together. The mixture cools quite quickly and doesn’t stick to the glove when it is ready for moulding.

It is now ready to place into the mould. Place the base in the cylinder portion of the mould and then place the patty into place. Now add the ‘disc’ lid section into the cylinder and slightly press down.

Voila! A hand crafted, sustainable, solid shampoo bar!

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