Tropical Butter Solid Shampoo Bar Recipe

Introducing our NEW Shampoo Bar Mould, and our delicious Tropical Butter Solid Shampoo Bar Recipe to get you started!  Ditch the plastic shampoo bottle and lather up with eco-friendly, sustainable shampoo and conditioner bars! Our Shampoo Bar Mould makes a bar that looks like it has been machine pressed, but is quick and easy to do by hand – the perfect tool for DIY makers.   Continue reading “Tropical Butter Solid Shampoo Bar Recipe”

Loofah Sponges – Not Just for the Bathroom!

Don’t we all just love a little Loofah scrub down to smooth and exfoliate our tired bods! But this versatile veggie can do so much more than scrub away old skin! Loofah (Luffa), Mother Nature’s all natural, multi-purpose exfoliator, can not only be used to thoroughly clean and massage your skin but can also serve as a biodegradable, compostable kitchen and household cleaning product!

Continue reading “Loofah Sponges – Not Just for the Bathroom!”

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