New Purifying Essential Oils

Fresh for 2019, our first new Essential Oils have arrived.  We’re adding these purifying, fresh Essential Oils to our range, and they smell divine!  If you are still catching up with 2019, think: Cleansing, forward movement, fresh and new!

Cypress Pure Essential Oil (Cupressus sempervirens)

Our Cypress Essential Oil has a fresh, woody, resinous and deeply green aroma.

Cypress has been used for millennia medicinally as well as in spiritual practices. The tall, slender, long lived trees mature through many generations and are associated with endurance, strength and a forward or upward motion, making it excellent to use in times of grief and emotional lows (together with Frankincense and citrus oils). Cypress is often included in pre-workout blends for exercise, yoga and other movement routines and rituals.

In perfumery, Cypress is a tenacious fragrance component and author Scott Cunningham recommends combining Cypress Leaf and Patchouli to create an ambergris-like substitute (one part Patchouli with two parts Cypress Leaf).  Our Cypress Essential Oil is grown in Spain, is a top note, and is steam distilled from needles and twigs.

Sage Pure Essential Oil (White Sage, Salvia officinalis)

Our Sage Pure Essential Oil has a fresh, cooling, fairly evocative camphoric scent with a mild finish that is reminiscent of Rosemary.  Sage Oil is calming and cleansing, and the plant is traditionally used to make smudge sticks for spiritual practices.  Sage Essential Oil is also used in oil diffusers to purify, or a drop or two can be added to a disinfectant blend to clear energy in work spaces.  Our Spanish Sage Essential Oil is a top note and is steam distilled from the leaves.

Pine Pure Essential Oil (Scots, Scotch, Pinus sylvestris)

Scotch Pine (it is actually from the Scots Pine, Pinus sylvestris) Essential Oil is distilled from the needles of this beautiful tree and is poles apart from the artificially scented, household cleaning fluids that bear its name. Though still recognisable as pine, this true Scots Pine Essential Oil has a smooth, fresh, dry-balsamic, pine-like aroma with a coniferous top note.

We can purify the air in our homes and offices with the pure, natural scent of a pine forest and add it to all to all washing water to clean floors and household surfaces. Pine is associated with clean and fresh homes and air, purification and clearing negative energy.

Myrrh Pure Essential Oil (Commiphora myrrah)

Our Myrrh Pure Essential Oil has a warm, refined, light character with a sweetly earthy and resinous finish. Myrrh’s scent is very lightly spicy with a medicinal top note. Myrrh offers excellent fixative properties.

The use of Myrrh dates back millennia and has been used extensively for healing, perfumery and in spiritual and ritual practices. It is particularly popular blended with Frankincense and has been used in religious ceremonies for centuries. It is also valued in meditation blends helping to aid a state of tranquillity when trying to still the mind.

Myrrh is an Essential Oil that improves with age (along with Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver and some other woody oils), and becomes a little richer in scent and a little more viscous. Myrrh is one of the Essential Oils I purchase and keep some tucked away to mature well past its “best by” date for perfumery use.

Peppermint Premium, India (Mentha piperita)

Our Premium Indian Peppermint Pure Essential Oil is botanically Mentha piperita and is a robust, strongly scented oil. Peppermint Oil has a fine, fresh, cool and penetratingly deep scent with a sweet undertone.
Our Indian Peppermint Oil is a top note, is steam distilled from the fresh leaves.

We recommend the use of an Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils to reference the therapeutic benefits of Pure Essential Oils and to learn about using them safely.  There are referenced authors listed on our Essential Oil Listings on the website.


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