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Hi Soapers,

Our first blog post for 2019 and in fact our first blog post in our brand spanking new blog! What better way to kick off the new year than to share with you how Aussie Soap Supplies came about (18 years ago!) and what drives us and our business today.

Aussie Soap Supplies is the creation of founders Jude and David Birch. In 2001 their love of soap making blossomed into what we know Aussie Soap Supplies to be today.  They have been making soap for over 28 years now – that’s a lot of soap!  With this experience, they began teaching and helping others and have expanded to become Australia’s largest provider of soap bases and silicone moulds, high quality fragrance, essential oils and colours, clay and spa supplies, packaging plus everything for shampoo and lotion making. With an extensive range of skin care DIY kits that are ideal for beginners, home crafters and small business alike, means there is something for everyone! Aussie Soap supplies is also the sole authorised distributor for Bramble Berry Fragrances in Australia. More on that in another post!

Aussie Soap Supplies is a family owned and run Western Australian business located in Kardinya not far from the port of Fremantle. We sell at wholesale prices to artisans, hand crafters and small and medium sized businesses. We pride ourselves on being an ethical business. From mindfully sourcing products and establishing solid agriculturalist and supplier relationships, to the pride and care we all take in preparing and packing orders for our customers.

To this day, every ingredient and item is carefully chosen (and tested!) by Jude and David. Speaking of testing, Aussie Soap Supplies does not stock any products currently tested on animals. I repeat not tested on animals. It is one of the very things we at Aussie Soap Supplies feel most passionate about. Our animals are precious to us, we are all for cruelty free!  Our products are either natural, vegetable derived or safe synthetics. We are a Vegetarian/Vegan friendly business.

At the heart of the business is a passion for the creation of hand crafted soap and skin care products using great quality, naturally sourced ingredients. Jude, our resident Soaper is the creative talent of the business while David handles the financial logistic side of things – together they make the perfect business pair (and couple IRL!) Jude is always thinking up new recipes and creations not just soap ideas but for shampoo, conditioners, moisturisers and everything in between! She thoroughly researches ingredients and products to make sure they are safe and suitable to use. As Jude (and David too!) formulate their own products from scratch using the ingredients they sell, it gives them first hand experience and full confidence in the end product. This enables them to be able to supply to you original recipes, formulas and information on our ingredients and supplies because they actually use them!

Did you know Jude has also written her own books? Some of our customers have even referred to them as soap bibles! Check them out below.

Bubble, Bubble, Toil & Confusion

Making your Own Moisturisers

Formulating with Clay

LATEST! Natural Skin Care using Nourishing Oils and Butters

Aussie Soap Supplies is a one stop soap shop! It has everything you need to create beautiful soaps, cosmetics and skin care products. PLUS….everything is online! Over 1000 products right at your fingertips all day and all night means that you literally don’t need to even leave the couch (or get out of your pjs!) to explore all the awesome items we have to offer. Our FREE Recipe Formulary contains tutorials and recipes (we have over 400!) to cater to all levels of experience and with product information and advice you could spend hours on the site!

We are not anonymous! You can chat to us over the phone, or if chatting online is more your thing we have a service through our website where you can ask us questions and we would be happy to help. It is the Aussie Soap Supplies difference! Or of course you can email us through our Contact Us page too – we love hearing from you! If you are in Perth, we offer a pick up service only where you can come and collect your pre arranged orders. Our front office has Bramble Berry Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils that you are more than welcome to sniff too!

There is a whole team that makes the Aussie Soap Supplies experience possible. Jude calls us her Elves. We are real people who come to work every day and do our very best to deliver quality, practical and affordable new products and ingredients to YOU.

We have our front of house ladies Rebecca and Vee who a lot of you would have probably spoken to on the phone or over email. They help process your orders for delivery and answer any queries you have.

We are also lucky to have some loyal long standing staff who have been with the company for a number of years some of who are our main pack down staff. They are responsible for packing down all our ingredients and products into all the sizes we offer.

The next link in the production chain are our pickers who of course collect all items for your orders. We even have dedicated staff who prepare our DIY Kits with love and care. Donna, our manager runs the warehouse and manages the stock control as well as juggling many other responsibilities. She’s our work mum!

Our main muscle man takes care of all the deliveries we receive day in, day out and makes it look easy whilst doing it! He handles all our heavy duty salts, bicarb, citric acid and liquid soap products too. Our packers work very hard in a physical role too, packing all your orders as quickly, efficiently and as securely as possible so they arrive to you in one piece. 🙂

Then there is me! I am always flying around doing something marketing related! I love checking in with you all on social media, bringing you the latest products and recipes in our newsletters and helpful soap tips and tricks now through this new blog. 🙂 Many awesome people make Aussie Soap Supplies work!

Our motto here at Aussie Soap Supplies is to “Be Inspired to Create” and we sure do hope that with all the ingredients and products that we are able to make available to you, you can do just that and be inspired everyday with Aussie Soap Supplies. We do a little happy dance when we see orders come through from new customers who have caught the soaping bug (as we like to call it!) as it means they are just starting out on their soaping journey and that is so exciting for us to be a part of! You, our customers are always at the forefront. You ask, we listen! We look forward in continuing to bring the best possible products to you for many years to come.

Happy soaping!

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