Aloe Vera in Soap, Shampoo, and Cosmetics

Aloe vera – the ultimate soothing ingredient we all know and love, and best of all, it’s 100% natural! Summer is around the corner and we know this power plant will be called upon time and time again for its hydrating, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Check out our wide range of products that contain aloe vera, and start formulating your summer soap, hair and skin care today!

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The Benefits of Olive Oil: Exploring the Many Uses and Health Advantages

One of the most popular and versatile ingredients used in soap and personal care is olive oil. Olive oil is renowned for its beneficial properties when used in skin and haircare products. Here we take a deep dive into Olive Oil’s many benefits and uses in formulations.

Olive Oil Benefits

Check out our olive-based products to start incorporating natural olive oil in your formulations today.

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Tried and Tested

As I thought about the approach of the 30 year anniversary since I began making Cold Process Soap, it seemed the right time to begin formulating our own line of specialty Artisan Fragrances.  I used the highest quality Bramble Berry Fragrances since before we began supplying ingredients to soapers in 2002.  It was then a natural progression to request to represent Bramble Berry in Australia as we were so impressed with their products.

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