Celebrating the return of more EO’s!

After the fire, when the time came to restocking our products, it was always going to be a tough decision as to which products were more valuable and important to reorder first. Essential Oils were always going to be high up the list!

We are excited about the return of more loved Essential Oils in our newly received second shipment so I wanted to share some simple blending recipes (because we all know how tough blending is to do!) used for the mental states and the roller coaster of emotions that we have all had to work through since the fire. Our third shipment is already ordered so we will have an almost fully restocked range of essential oils very soon!

This combination of Cedarwood, Orange, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang combine to help assist with feeling anxious. It is nice to have them in a burner infusing that scent and those molecules into the air.


Again, frazzled nerves can benefit from the soothing scent of these three essential oils – Lavender, Lime and Mandarin. These are also useful in children’s blends.


There is still a lot of grief surrounding the fire that destroyed our business and I personally find this combination of Essential Oils helpful at the moment.


The Clary Sage in this blend gives a welcome punch when feeling a bit overwhelmed with the stress of life.


Lime and Peppermint literally give life and ‘pep’ in this blend, along with Orange Essential Oil to help with alertness to lift your mood.


Egyptian Geranium blends beautifully with Lavender, and is enhanced with Bergamot to give your mood a bit of a boost when needed.


This is a classical Concentration trio – Rosemary, Lemon and true Peppermint.  This helps when feeling distracted but focus is needed on the job at hand, or when studying for exams.


The traditionally classic duo!  Lav & Chamo – exhale and try and relax into sleep.


Strange times…..sniffles and cold + flu symptoms at odd times of year – another classic duo to help get us all feeling better in no time!

We have two discount packs to make it even easier to introduce Essential Oils into your life!


Disclaimer:  I am not a qualified medical or psychiatric practitioner. These essential oil suggestions are not medical advice and if your symptoms persist we strongly recommend you consult a qualified professional.

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