Loofah Sponges – Not Just for the Bathroom!

Don’t we all just love a little Loofah scrub down to smooth and exfoliate our tired bods! But this versatile veggie can do so much more than scrub away old skin! Loofah (Luffa), Mother Nature’s all natural, multi-purpose exfoliator, can not only be used to thoroughly clean and massage your skin but can also serve as a biodegradable, compostable kitchen and household cleaning product!

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Tried and Tested

As I thought about the approach of the 30 year anniversary since I began making Cold Process Soap, it seemed the right time to begin formulating our own line of specialty Artisan Fragrances.  I used the highest quality Bramble Berry Fragrances since before we began supplying ingredients to soapers in 2002.  It was then a natural progression to request to represent Bramble Berry in Australia as we were so impressed with their products.

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