Is d-Limonene New to You?

Are you familiar with d-Limonene?  You actually might be, but not realise it!  You’ll see it in ‘orange’ eco cleaners.

We used to sell d-Limonene aka ‘Spirits of Orange’ about 10 years ago, when it was mainly used to clean Essential Oil burners.  After a while its popularity waned, but it’s back with a vengeance on the back of green cleaning products.  We have been asked again and again to formulate household cleaners to utilise our surfactants, but it’s really with the demand for solid products, saving on the use of plastics and to avoid SLS in the home that we feel we can add value.  To formulate a couple of these we felt we needed some extra oomph and that is provided by d-Limonene which is now back on our shelves and available to purchase here.

D-Limonene is the key ingredient used in orange or citrus cleaners and is also known as Citrus Terpenes and Spirits of Orange. If d-Limonene cleaners are unfamiliar to you, these cleaners are likely to be called names like “Orange Power”,  “Citrus Punch”,  “Citra Blast”, “Natural Orange Cleaner” etc etc!  It is a solvent, which is why it cleans so efficiently, and is the main chemical constituent found in cold pressed citrus oils (ie oranges, limes, lemons etc).

It is obtained from the citrus peels after the first pressing. After this, the peels are then processed via distillation. D-Limonene has a fairly pleasant, light and dry, sweet- citrus type scent which of course is far more pleasant to use than many other cleaning chemicals.

It is also used in commercial and industrial cleaning products, as well as perfumery and green cleaning products and it is more environmentally friendly than many efficient degreasers.



Uses and Applications

D-Limonene can be used neat, (without diluting), as an eco-friendly cleaner. CAUTION!! THIS IS A SOLVENT (like Essential Oils).  ALWAYS SPOT TEST surfaces other than glass or ceramic. It is unlikely to be suitable for use on coated or painted surfaces, plastics, furniture, man-made bench tops and perspex.

  • Environmentally-friendly cleaner.
  • Leaves a fresh, citrus scent and helps to deodorise.
  • De-goo (de-gumming) ie sticky label residue, essential oil burners etc.
  • Effectively cleans ceramic, mirrors and glass (windows), stainless steel.
  • Contributes shine to glass and some reflective surfaces * SPOT TEST FIRST if using for other than glass.
  • Removes grease, dirt, wax, adhesive residue, ink, oil, gum etc.
  • Useful when included in mechanic’s hand cleaner.


  • THIS IS A SOLVENT –  ALWAYS SPOT TEST on surfaces other than glass or ceramic.  It is unlikely to be suitable for use on painted surfaces, plastics, furniture, bench tops and perspex.
  • Always store sealed and high up, out of reach of children.
  • Keep away from sensitive areas of the body including mucous membranes.
  • This product is meant for household cleaning applications or cosmetic fragrances only
  • External use only

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