The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Personal Care Industry

The last two years has seen an extraordinary increase in the cost of raw materials and finished goods. It’s not just at the supermarket and petrol bowser you see this.

Staff shortages, the soaring costs and short supply of raw materials, and international port congestion all continue to play a part in driving up the cost of goods across all industries.

Sadly, the personal care industry is no exception.

Stephenson Personal Care have provided some in-depth insight into how the personal care and soap industry have been impacted by market surges, energy supply and transport disruptions, and short supply of raw materials to manufacturers. Read their article, Pressures on the Global Raw Material Market here.

Unfortunately, the result of these challenges to the industry is continuing price increases for both raw materials and end products.

It is our promise to continue to do our very best to navigate this unstable climate with as little impact to our customers as possible. Like all industries, we are learning to pivot, and to take opportunities where they present themselves. You are likely to see new alternatives to products, as an effort to minimise stock shortages.

In a recent seminar hosted by the American Cleaning Industry (ACI) and Chemical Marketing & Economics, Inc. (CME), three executives from the household cleaning and personal care industry discussed the continuing challenges of supply chain management and price increases posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as consumer attitudes in a post-pandemic climate.

There is a silver lining amidst all the chaos! One of their reflections was that despite the uncertainty of the economy, consumer interest in sustainable solutions is increasing. COVID-19 increased consumer awareness of ethics and sustainability, and shoppers are paying more attention to how the products they are using are impacting the environment. This trend is believed to continue as younger generations enter the marketplace. Read more about this seminar here.

Aussie Soap Supplies always has, and will continue to focus on ethically sourced, sustainable products. It’s our promise to do our best to strive for a healthy, sustainable industry.

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