It’s National Bubble Bath Day!


The busy festive period is over and now it’s time for some relaxation to ease into the new year. What a perfect excuse to jump into the bath tub to celebrate National Bubble Bath Day today. Not that we need any convincing!

Did you know that taking a bath can:

• Relieve congestion: the power of steam.

• Ease sore muscles: just add Epsom salts!

• Help you sleep better: add Lavender essential oil.

• Reduce tension: wash your worries away!

We have rounded up some our favourite bath friendly recipes for you to enjoy this #NationalBubbleBathDay and beyond! ?


BUTTERMILK, CLAY & ROSE BATH SOAK Milk powders are “go to” ingredients for me when thinking about a soak, and this one includes Buttermilk Powder. This is blended with Dusky Rose Mediterranean Clay and White Clay.
CHILL PILL FIZZIES Our Chill Pills use a basic bath fizzy recipe, and we’ve added some soothing Epsom Salts, Kaolin Clay and we’ve used Green Tea & Lavender Fragrance.










BLOOMING BATH OILS Blooming bath oils differ from ordinary bath oils in that they disperse INTO the water, rather than floating in an oily layer on top. These are simple to create, and some interesting effects can be achieved by varying the ingredients you use.
APRICOT MANGO BATH MELTS Bath Melts are a blend of mainly butters, a little liquid oil and a little wax to form a solid product that is designed to melt in a warm to hot bath.

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