Completely stuck on ideas for what to buy the soaper in your life? We can help!

We have rounded up some fantastic items that would make great Christmas gifts with a selection of flexible moulds, step – by – step DIY kits that are crowd favourites, Bramble Berry fragrance oil samplers and even a soap log cutter guide which every budding soaper should have in their soapy tool box!

Still not too sure on what to choose?

Why not gift an Aussie Soap Supplies voucher and give the gift of choice! We have hard copy (order before Mon 16 Dec) and electronic vouchers which you can order anytime which can be queued to be emailed on a particular date so you can set and forget! Four designs to choose from.

Want to gift something handmade by you? We have some easy to make Melt and Pour soap and bath bomb recipes that will make people think you’ve spent a lot of time in the soap room! You can’t beat a crafty gift from the heart. 🙂

We provide express post on most items on our website (excluding Ultimate Kits) that can still be shipped up till Wednesday 18th December!

Happy shopping!

M&P Soapy Oat Bags Kit
M&P Juicy Watermelon Kit


Easy M&P Lip Balm Blossoms Kit
Scented Bath Salts Kit


FBB Tropical Botanical Scrub Granules Kit
Facial Masks Home Spa Kit
M&P Soap Kit
Bath Bomb Sphere Kit






















Triple Butter Himalayan Salt Spa Bars
Fresh and Summery Loofah Bars
Christmas Drizzle
Happy Place Embed Bath Bomb
Botanical Collection Limited Edition Sampler
Hygge Collection Limited Edition Sampler
Books Set







Discount Mould Bundle: Botanical Designs
Discount Tool Bundle
Wooden Soap Loaf Log Cutter Guide
Gift Voucher – Hard Copy
Christmas E Voucher

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