We are so pleased to announce that, after an amazing effort, we will be reopening our shopping cart system mid next week!

It’s hard to believe it has only been eight weeks since the fire destroyed our premises and all of our stock – feels like forever!  We have been dealing with so many issues that we never thought we would need to.  The weeks have been rolling by and here we are in the last month of the year.  Starting from scratch again means that we have had to resource not only our products but the bags, pouches, bottles and packaging that contain them plus our labelling machines too.  It’s incredible to think just how much has gone when you are faced with the reality of beginning again.

Throughout our recovery process, without a doubt the most heartbreaking aspect of this event is that we have had to lay off the majority of our elves.  Our Aussie Soap Supplies team members are everything to us and we are so incredibly grateful for those who we are still able to employ to help get us back up and running.

Our senior staff have been working around the clock to set up our temporary premises as best as possible and putting all necessary measures in place so that we can operate once again.

We are so pleased to announce that, after an amazing effort, we will be reopening our shopping cart system mid next week!

We have been receiving our urgent orders from our suppliers both pre and post fire and feel as though we are in a position to be able to have these available to shop again.  Of course, with over 6,000 products there are many still out of stock due to the fire.  COVID makes all of our 9 months of Christmas stock planning irrelevant as most went up in flames, and there is no shortcut to trying to order in October for immediate delivery, minus a few local items and some of our fragrances.  Most of our soap bases are imported so it is certainly a waiting game.

However, to make navigating our website a little easier, we have created a BACK IN STOCK – POST FIRE category in our menu that lists every item we currently have on our premises. We have done our best to list the items alphabetically for you too – any bit helps!  We expect to be updating this list on a daily basis so please continue to check this for updates.  Further updates via our social media platforms and newsletter will help keep you in the loop. 🙂  Any products that appear on our website but not listed in the BACK IN STOCK – POST FIRE category, will be available in due course, COVID delays permitting.  Products that are no longer found on our website (except for kits) have been discontinued and we will not be able to restock these.

As we are operating in a small space, and with minimal staff members, our ability to answer phone calls is limited.  If your request is urgent, we encourage you to please get in touch via our Contact Us page which is located here. We will do our best to answer queries as quickly as possible.

As we reopen the shopping cart we will be unable to add to or combine orders.  Our $40.00 minimum order amount remains.  Credit card payments must be made online or payment can be made via direct deposit.  We are unable to accept forward orders due to our accounting system.

We expect the first lot of our soap bases to arrive in January 2021 however our full range won’t be available initially.  As soon as the shipment docks in Perth and when we are advised of a delivery date to our warehouse, we will be putting items back into stock with a note on the product of the ETA.

Whilst we are so grateful to have a temporary space to operate from, space is limited and therefore is an issue and there are products that we simply are unable to stock at this time.  With limited access on site too, we cannot resume our local pick up collection service. We understand that for some, this is not ideal but for now it is unfortunately not an option we can explore.  It is our intention moving forward to continue progressing and we hope to bring back our pick up collection service again when it is feasible to do so.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding.  It definitely hasn’t been easy to get to this point, but it has certainly been worth it.  The loyalty and generosity shown by our customers has completely blown us away and encourages us to continue forward.  We look forward to being fully operational again in the new year.

Stay safe everyone, we hope you all have a wonderful festive break.

Keep on Soaping!

David and Jude.

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