Conditioning Emulsifiers – the BTMS’s!

We are now stocking BTMS 50 due to so many requests from our customers – if you are new to making Hair Conditioners you’ll notice there are two BTMS 25 and BTMS 50 – let me explain why we use them and what the difference is.

The numbers refer to the activity – ie how much conditioning or cationic activity there is.  We introduced BTMS 25 (Conditioning Emulsifier) to Australian crafters back in 2005-2006, and it transformed the way quality crafters could make beautiful hair conditioners.  It is still one of Jude’s favourite products to make!

Our original Conditioning Emulsifier’s name has changed to: BTMS 25 (Conditioning Emulsifier 25) – other than that there is no other change to it or it’s pricing!

Our new product, BTMS50 is called, yes, BTMS 50 (Conditioning Emulsifier 50)!

BTMS50 has, you guessed it 50% activity – therefore it is double the quat conditioning power and is easily manipulated to be less conditioning if you prefer.



Well, yes, however, remember if your hair does not need extra conditioning, the formula (if it is ours) needs to have the amount reduced and a co-emulsifier or another ingredient to replace the celearyl portion.  You’ll then need to test it and tweak to suit your hair.


Making Hair Conditioner

They are used in exactly the same way –  you heat the Water Phase in one jug, and the Oil Phase in another jug and then combine with stirring.

After this emulsion has cooled to around 35°C, you add the goodies such as Hydrolyzed Proteins, Herbal Extracts, Essential Oils and Preservative

A thorough stir combines these and voilà!  You have beautiful hand crafted Hair Conditioner.

Pour or pipe into bags.


You can read our full, updated Conditioning Emulsifier Primer here.


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