Dripping Honey and Drizzle Decorative Techniques

We just love sweet dessert-styled soaps with delicious drizzles – they look so good you could almost take a bite! Whether dripping honey, oozing chocolate or drizzled raspberry coulis is your thing, here’s how to nail the technique to make your soaps look positively scrumptious!

We’ve included tips for Vegans who wish to make a vegan-friendly version of these yummy recipes.

These drizzled chocolate and honey tips are for everyone!

To keep things Vegan, choose any soap base that doesn’t contain actual honey or any milks.
You can use cosmetic fragrances, that contain no actual honey as they are safe synthetics, in your products to produce a product with that lovely honey theme and scent.

One of our favourite trends is “dripping honey”, though this method can be used to create a berry or chocolate sauce drizzle too!

Don’t forget to lay some old newspaper or paper towel down on your bench to reduce clean up, as drizzles can get a bit messy!

Empty egg cartons can be great for supporting bath bombs while you pour your delicious drizzle on top.

Be sure to move the pouring jug in a back and forth pattern, pouring mostly down the sides of the product from the top. We tried pouring only on top with the hope the excess would trickle down the sides, but we ended up with a lot of ‘honey’ on top and almost none on the sides.

Finally, use a soap cutter to cut the soap bars away from the excess soap on the tray once you’re done, for a clean finish.

Bath Bomb Honey Drizzle

You need: Cocoa Butter + Bicarbonate of Soda + powdered Mica colour.
The Recipe proportions: 60% Bicarbonate of Soda, 40% Cocoa Butter (any type) and Medallion Gold Mica Powder.

What to do:
1. Melt the Cocoa Butter in a small microwave safe jug.
2. Mix in the Mica and Bicarbonate of Soda.
3. Using a teaspoon or pipette, drizzle over the top of hardened Bath Bombs.

Melt & Pour Soap Honey Drizzle

You need: Any clear (non-opaque) Melt & Pour Soap + Medallion Gold Mica  and Isopropyl Alcohol.
The Recipe proportions: 50g clear soap base, ¼ Medallion Gold Mica Powder  (this can vary depending on the colour of the soap bars).

What to do:

1. Shave some of the colour block into a small microwave safe container together with the diced soap base.  Melt as usual – do not let it boil. If you have a thermometer around 55°C is an ideal temperature.
2. After you have made the Melt and Pour Soap loaf (or individual bars), spray the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol and carefully drizzle the soap over the surface in uneven lines.

Find the full recipe and instructions for this soap HERE

Chocolate or Berry Topping Drizzle

This is one of our very popular earlier tutorials; it’s super simple yet impactful and great fun!

You can see the full recipe and instructions HERE on our website




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